Naughty & Nice Nail Wraps, Real Gel Nail Polish Stickers - RIP

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Naughty & Nice Nail Wraps, Real Gel Nail Polish Stickers - RIP

Real Gel Polish Nail Wraps! Now it can be easy to have that perfect manicure without the wait or hassle. 

  • REAL Gel Polish Wraps
  • Lasts 10 to 14 days
  • Super easy application
  • No more chipped polish
  • No expensive trips to the salon
  • Does not require special tools
  • Sixteen nails to a set, 8 different sizes to pick from

1. Clean and wash your nails thoroughly. Use an alcohol pad to remove any excess oil left on your nails.
2. Trim, buff, and file your nails to your preferred style and length.
3. Choose the strip that most closely matches your nail size being careful not to go too large. You want your nail strip to be slightly smaller than your nail so that it does not touch your skin on any side.
4. Apply the nail strip to your nail carefully aligning it before pressing it snugly down against all areas of the nail.
5. Use cuticle scissors and trim the excess. Then use a file to finish trimming the excess so that it is flush with the tip of your nail.
6. This step is not mandatory, but it will help to extend the wear of your nail wraps. Finish off with a top coat of your choice being sure to cap off the ends well.